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Loyalty Cash

  • Redeem Loyalty Cash™ to save on vehicle services, purchases & parts.
  • Earn Loyalty Cash™ for services and purchases made at our dealership.
  • No cards, no papers, no key chains
  • Register online for FREE to earn Loyalty Cash™ instantly.

Membership Guide and Program Rules

5% of every dollar you pay for service will be applied to your Loyalty Cash™ account.
$15 will be applied to your Loyalty Cash™ account for every vehicle you purchase.

Your Loyalty Cash™ may ONLY be redeemed as follows:

  • As a minimum discount of $5,000 on the purchase of a new or used vehicle from Atlantic Audi. The Loyalty Cash™ account holder must be the buyer or co-buyer on the vehicle in order to claim a Loyalty Cash™ discount. The account holder must provide written notice of intent to utilize the Loyalty Cash™ discount on the first offer made.
  • As a maximum discount of $5,000 on the purchase of service from Atlantic Audi.
  • As a maximum discount of $5,000 on the purchase of parts from Atlantic Audi.
  • Maximum discounts may not be combined for the same service visit.
  • Loyalty Cash™ discounts may not exceed 100% of the total transaction.
  • Loyalty Cash™ discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Loyalty Cash™ discounts may not be used in conjunction with employee or fleet purchases.

Atlantic Audi may change the Membership Guide and Program Rules at any time.

Get complete information about the latest Long Island Audi dealers specials available at our Audi dealership, Atlantic Audi.

Many different factors have to be taken into consideration before buying any new vehicle and one of the first considerations are the specials offered at Long Island Audi dealers. Choosing the perfect model in the right color and at a reasonable price is a tricky process. Newer models and the latest editions of existing models are often launched with updated features and design and some of these models may even be featured with new car specials. The Atlantic Audi dealership understands the importance of the purchase of a new vehicle. We feel that all Audi Long Island buyers should get the best service and offers possible on their chosen Audi vehicles.  

As one of the leading Long Island Audi dealers, we aim to provide a smooth and satisfying purchase experience to all our customers. Shoppers interested in our collection can continue to browse the Atlantic Audi website and check out our latest Audi specials online.

All our specials are updated regularly and can be accessed by any buyer at our website. In addition, current price quotes for any particular Audi vehicle can also be obtained at our website within a few seconds.

The Atlantic Audi dealership takes pride in serving all shoppers of Long Island, and all our specials are designed to offer each and every customer a chance to buy any Audi vehicle that they choose, at an affordable price.

*Internet specials. Sorry but we cannot extend special Internet pricing without a printed copy of the on-line pricing, and your in-store price may exceed our special on-line pricing. To take advantage of our special Internet discounts, please print this page and present it to your salesperson.
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